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We are conveniently located at 714 S. College Avenue, College Place, WA 99324.

EVERY Tuesday, we pick-up samples for our Burbank Customers - (Call for info and let us know when you drop samples off)

We deliver Fast, Efficient, and Reliable results. Serving the Walla Walla Valley and Burbank since 2011.

We are a WA State Certified Drinking Water Lab -providing Microbial (Total Coliform and E.coli) and Nitrate Analysis for both Potable and Non-Potable waters.

Additional Testing:

  • Storm Water Analysis (NTU and Fecal) 

  • GAP and Global Gap (Fecal and E.coli - CFU's/100mL)

  • Source Water Analysis (Q-tray TC/E.coli MPN)

  • Physical Properties

    • Alkalinity

    • Electrical Conductivity

    • Hardness

    • pH

    • Salinity

    • Total Dissolved Solids

    • Turbidity

Analysis: About
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